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Cellular Rubber, Sponge Rubber, Cellular Polyethylene: Sealing Material right from the manufacturer

Insulation and Sealing Products with a High Quality Claim

Kautschuk und Kunststoffteile GmbH, in short: KKT GmbH, specialises in the production of products made of cellular rubber, sponge rubber, cellular polyethylene, silicone foam and foam material. Since 1989, we have been producing high-quality isolation and sealing products with state-of-the-art production technology, precisely cut to the purposes of our customers. Individual customised productions can be implemented as well as customised products in small and large batch production.

The proper quality of our products is the highest priority for us. Therefore, we produce all punched and formed parts of cellular rubber, cellular polyethylene and sponge rubber precisely according to our customers' specifications. All products are subject to strict quality control and characterised by low dimensional tolerances. Plates, cut-outs, strips and punched parts are produced according to DIN 7715. KKT sponge rubber profiles as well as silicone foam profiles are produced according to DIN ISO 3302-1 class E3.

High-Quality Sealing Materials of Cellular Rubber, Cellular Polyethylene and Sponge Rubber

n order to always meet the high demands of our customers, our experienced and competent employees will be available to you with their advice at all times. Cellular rubber, cellular polyethylene and sponge rubber have different properties. Therefore, not all materials are equally suitable for all applications.

We will find the right material for your purpose and support you competently in selection. We will deliver the chosen material according to your specifications in all desired sizes and shapes: as plates or strips, or in the form of individual cuttings and punched parts. On request, we will also equip all products with a self-adhesive surface on one side.

New data sheet

Please note our new data sheet CR / NBR, which you can download here as PDF.

Cellular Rubber

We offer cellular rubber as cellular rubber plates or cellular rubber strips. We also produce individual cellular rubber cuttings and cellular rubber punched parts for our customers. All products are available with a self-adhesive surface on one side. Our offer includes cellular rubber of different qualities, including natural rubber (NK, NRB, NR/SBR), ethylene-propylene-diene-rubber (EPDM) and nitrile rubber (NBR).

Cellular Polyethylene

We offer the closed-cell foam material cellular polyethylene in the form of cellular polyethylene strips and cellular polyethylene plates. We also offer customised cellular polyethylene cuttings and cellular polyethylene punched parts of cellular polyethylene, which we produce according to your specifications. Our products of cellular polyethylene are also available self-adhesive on one side and therefore suitable as assembly aids, for all sealing and insulation work and for soft storage.

Sponge Rubber

The mixed-cell sponge rubber has a dense closed-cell outer skin that makes this material a diverse insulation material. We produce sponge rubber punched parts, profiles and sponge rubber cuttings of sponge rubber precisely to your wishes and specifications. Additionally, you will of course also find sponge rubber plates and sponge rubber strips in our range, either in black or in light grey.

Other Products

Our comprehensive product range includes many further products to seal and insulate: ceramics fibre tape and permanently elastic sealing tapes are offered as well as foam seals, insulation cardboard or seals of cellular Vulkollan. We also offer individually produced parts of silicone foam and plates, strips or parts of hard rubber, optionally with a unilaterally self-adhesive surface.

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